Humanae by Angélica Dass - Sara Ramirez portrait

Sara Ramirez took a portrait in June 2016 for a photography project that challenges how we think about skin color and ethnic identity.

Humanæ is a “work in progress” by the Brazilian Angélica Dass, who intends to deploy a chromatic range of the different human skin colors. Those who pose are volunteers who have known the project and decide to participate. There is no previous selection of participants and there are no classifications relating to nationality, gender, age, race, social class or religion. Nor is there an explicit intention to finish it on a specific date. It is open in all senses and it will include all those who want to be part of this colossal global mosaic. The only limit would be reached by completing all of the world’s population.

The process followed in Humanæ also is rigorous and systematic: the background for each portrait is tinted with a color tone identical to a sample of 11 x 11 pixels taken from the face of the photographed. Aligned as in the famous samples, its horizontality is not only formal also is ethical.

Sara Ramirez - Portrait for Humanæ by Angélica Dass

You canread more about the project on Angélica Dass website and find more portraits on Humanæ’s tumblr.

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The photographer of Sara’s latest photo session, Paul Gregory, shared another picture of Sara Ramirez on twitter.

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