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srd-PACER Be United shirt signed by Sara Ramirez - auction

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ADRLF fundraising campaign

At the start of the month, we were inspired by our efforts last year to raise money for the ADRLF, that we started our fundraising campaign for 2014. Last year we were honoured enough to receive the support of both ADRLF and Sara Ramirez fans who helped us raise USD$800 for the non-profit charity. This year we took it upon ourselves to stand out and make a bigger impact. We designed original postcards that we planned to sell to raise money. Upon hearing our plan, Sara was more than happy to contribute to the cause and sign them for us to auction off to the highest bidder. We did not expect the response we received from doing this. Read more…

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We are extremely pleased to announce that with the help of Sara Ramirez herself, we have postcards to auction off to help us raise money and awareness for ADRLF. Over the next two days, we’ll be auctioning off the postcards to the highest bidder. The auction will take place on our twitter @SRamirezDaily. It’ll happen at three different times of day to give everyone living in different time zones equal opportunity to bid. We will ship worldwide, however you will have to be patient with us.

We designed these postcards especially for this auction so the winners will be the only people in possession worldwide. In a set there are five original postcards and we have three sets to auction off.

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