Sara starred as Sara Solitaire in Mary Lambert’s “Know Your Name” music video premiered on Refinery29.

“Bold” is the perfect way to summarize the memorable and exciting music video for “Know Your Name.” Lambert and I agreed to deem it a “nerdy” take on Taylor Swift’s girl gang anthem, “Bad Blood,” but Lambert’s is telling a story of Crush At First Sight, not a girl-on-girl cat fight.

“Know Your Name” is a dance-infused bop and if you’re wondering why everyone in the video looks like they’re having the best time ever, it’s because they are — they’re all friends IRL.

Source and full article: Refinery29

Updated | Thanks to we can have a look behind the scenes!

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Maya Jupiter - Sara Ramirez - Denim Day

Ramirez and Maya Jupiter teamed together to show support for Denim Day by presenting the campaigns message through song. Denim Day raises awareness about sexual violence and the prevention of this through education. Peace Over Violence has run the awareness campaign for 17 years in April – Sexual Violence Awareness Month.

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