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HRC Arizona Gala // Sara Ramirez acceptance speech

(February 28, 2015) If you feel like you don’t have a village that you can trust and lean on, you create your own, a village made up of people who you know accept you, and will support you. Some of us must start out being own village, but I assure you there are people waiting to accept you and support you. — Sara Ramirez

Sara Ramirez accepts Ally for Equality Award.
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People // La mexicana premiada de Broadway

Cual sirena con su exótica presencia latina y excepcional talento, Sara Ramirez hechiza al público de Spamalot, y de paso, recibe el Premio Tony. / With her exotic Latin presence and exceptional talent, Sara Ramirez charms the audience of Spamalot, and receives the Tony Award for that. — Joselly Castrodad-Sánchez. (Translation inside)

Sara Ramirez People (Español)
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Urban Latino // Sara Ramirez spams a lot

(2005) Her amber colored skin glows beautifully against the aqua blue gown worn by the Lady of the Lake. At first glance she appears to be an exotic mermaid with long brown hair gracing her waist, but once she releases a stream of angelic melodies her character is no longer ambiguous, she is an enchanted fairy with a voice powerful enough to capture and allure audiences. — Words Sugey Palomares.

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NY Magazine // Belle Curves: Sara Ramirez

(September 25, 2006) For years, Sara Ramirez was the actress whom knowledgeable Broadway insiders consistently pegged for breakout success. Then she found that success, winning a Tony for her role as the Lady of the Lake in Spamalot. Then she found it again, joining the cast of Grey’s Anatomy as orthopedic surgeon Dr. Callie Torres, girlfriend of the hapless intern George. Ramirez spoke to Jada Yuan about finally living large on TV.

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Latina Magazine // Romancing Sara

(December 2013/January 2013) Forget what you think you know about Sara Ramirez. The girl who once battled depression, had a long struggle with body issues and thought she’d never get married is long gone. And this new Sara who’s taken her place — well, let’s just say she can’t stop smiling. — By Lee Hernandez.

Sara Ramirez - Latina Magazine 2012/2013
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Entertainment Weekly // 5 Things You Should Know About Sara Ramirez

The Broadway veteran, 31, parlayed her 2005 Tony-winning turn as the Lady of the Lake in ‘Spamalot’ into a role on ABC’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: as sassy surgeon Dr. Callie Torres, she strong-armed George (T.R. Knight) into a relationship. Now meet the woman in the scrubs. – Vanessa Juarez.