One of us travelled a few hours and the other days to be in LA to witness the Grey’s Anatomy benefit concert held in March 2012. We sat next to each other and instantly bonded over our love of Sara Ramirez. It was in this moment that both of our lives essentially changed for the better.

The blog CalliopeTorres was created in June 2012 as a way of sharing original edits and gif sets of HQ pictures and videos that fellow Sara Ramirez fans requested. As events happened, more pictures where uploaded and over time the blog has become one of the most popular original Sara Ramirez tumblrs online. Next came TorresCaps, in July 2012, that is exclusively Callie Torres screencap edits. The support we have received from both of these blogs, in addition to our birthday blog HappyBirthdaySaraRamirez has been phenomenal.

After noticing how many people from across the globe loved what we were doing, we talked it over and the idea to open a website was born. In March 2013 SRD was launched and officially open for use in July of the same year. It has taken a while but we hope that all our hard work has paid off. We hope that over time, SRD will be an archive for all interviews, videos, and pictures any fan could ever want.